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The best of all worlds! Neapolitan cake hits all tastes buds, and opening the box smells like classic neapolitan ice cream. Which combo tempts your taste buds?


Option 1: 

Classic Neapolitan

>Chocolate Ganache Cake

>Vanilla Almond Cake

>Strawberry Cake

*Contains a layer or raspberry compote, fresh strawberries, and is covered in vanilla buttercream with a chocolate ganache drip


Option 2:

Lemon Neapolitan

>Strawberry Cake

>Lemon Cream Cake

>Chocolate Ganache Cake

*Contains a layer of lemon curd, fresh strawberries, and is covered in dark chocolate buttercream with a white chocolate drip



Neapolitan Cake

Out of Stock
  • 8" round layer cake.

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