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Can't choose just one flavor? That's OK...and quite frankly, it's expected! Try an assortment of flavors with this 3 Pack of Mason Jar Cakes! You can mix it up however you'd like, no restrictions! If this is your first time trying Tameka's Cakes or if you're a 5x returning customer and you just want to take it lightly this time (wink, wink)...the 3 Pack is the perfect option for you!


Mason Jar Cakes (3 Pack)

Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Pack - Cake Jars
Monthly Subscription
$29.95every month until canceled
  • 8 oz mason jars filled with delicious cake!

    -->2 servings per jar

    Storage Recommendations:

    Cakes in a jar can be left at room temperature 2-3 days after receiving. However, our suggestion is to refrigerate the Mason Jar Cakes if they will not be consumed the day of arrival. Remove from the cooler at least 1-2 hours before consumption for the best buttercream experience. IF you have Mason Jar Cakes remaining after the initial few days, the jars will keep well refrigerated up to 2 weeks and frozen up to 4 months.

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