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I learned to cook and bake in Hattiesburg, Mississippi starting at age nine. This is when my mom gave me my first cookbook and started teaching me "her ways" of adding flavor to everything! We can't just follow a recipe. That's not normal for us.


Towards the end of my time at Tuskegee University (BS, Business 2004), I realized that I truly had a love for baking and wanted to open a dessert shop. I attended culinary school in Orlando, FL after undergrad. However, life's circumstances did not allow me to complete the course to become a Pastry Chef. Despite this setback, I vowed to keep at it on my own. 


At this point, I've been baking for others, making desserts and custom cakes since 2006. I take pride in saying that all of my cakes, desserts, icings, & fillings are made from scratch in small batches to ensure consistent quality and great flavor EVERY TIME YOU ORDER!

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I've wanted to own a bakery since I was in high school. Still, I didn't become serious about pursuing my dream until my last year of undergrad at Tuskegee University. I attended culinary school for a short time, but as I held a full time career in Business/Sales/Consulting/Training through the years I only had time to bake for others "on the side". Though I incorporated my business in Louisiana as Canary Cake Company (2015), I was still never able to give a lot of time towards developing the business while experiencing marriage and 2 kids all within 3 years of each other.


I took a 6 month break from baking for others when I transitioned into being a stay-at-home Mom. But as I started posting the items I was baking for my family in Spring 2020, old customers in the South and new customers on the East Coast began to request shipping through social media. It was then that I realized, "NOW is my time!" I changed my business name, evolved my focus and product offerings, and aimed to reach a wider audience of cake lovers across the country. This is why I decided to go with an item I started selling in 2018 - Mason Jar Cakes!

It's my goal for Tameka's Cakes & Desserts to become a national brand with a grand production facility and several retail stores of mason jar cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, galettes, & tarts! For now, I am building my business as a home baker soon to open a cake studio! I've shipped to 26 states and more than 200 customers since May 2020! 


I'd love for you to watch me as I grow! Follow me on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest for updates, new products, and all exciting news to come.




I gained a master's degree in 2016 (HR, Penn State), while working for the federal government, but my life once again changed course when my husband accepted a promotion that took us from New Orleans, LA to Fort Wayne, IN. Because of this change, I transitioned to being a stay-at-home Mom (November, 2019). This journey has been quite lovely because I am able to spend more time with my toddlers, Bella (3) and Beaux (2); but I have also been able to focus on my 16 year-old vision of developing a national cake brand and becoming a household name. With that said...I welcome you to my journey! (Spread the word.)

Tameka Beckum Foster


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