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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Do you have a retail outlet?


Tameka's Cakes does not currently have a retail storefront.


(Former) Production Facility:

CookSpring Shared Kitchen, 1025 W Rudisill Blvd, Door N, Fort Wayne, IN 46807.  View Allen County Dept. of Health Permit

***As of 7/5/21, Tameka's Cakes operates as an Indiana HBV - Home Based Vendor. The search is on for a new production facility! Follow @tamekascakes at social media or join the mailing list here at the website to stay connected for updates!

I'd like to send a warm THANK YOU to those steady patrons locally and all over the U.S. who have supported me repeatedly since May 2020 via Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and this website! Your excitement to purchase, repurchase, and share my products does not go unnoticed!

Do you ship nationwide?​

Yes! Mason jar cakes, mini sour cream pound cakes, cookies, and brownies have been shipped to hundreds of customers from  this website, social media and Etsy since May 2020. You can have the items of your choice shipped to your door or sent as a gift, too!

Shipping is maintained within the United States (USA), Only. See UPS Ground Shipping Map here.

*Shipping occurs on a weekly schedule by Wednesday of each week. 

**UPS Ground travel time is approximately 1-2 Days to most states.

***Orders placed on the West Coast, in the PST/MST time zones, in TX & FL, and in other states where UPS Ground shipping takes 3-5 days will require an upgrade to UPS 2nd Day Air shipping to ensure that the quality of the products is maintained throughout shipment.

I/We may not eat all of the Mason Jar Cakes right away. How can I keep them fresh until we're ready to enjoy them?  

Mason Jar Cakes preserve well in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks and in the freezer up to 4 months! Allow them to sit at room temperature for at least one or two hours before enjoying!


Products may contain major allergens: milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, and/or soy (as a byproduct of ingredients used). For products that do not contain nuts, every precaution is taken to prevent cross-contamination; however, all items are processed with shared equipment and baked in a kitchen that contains wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, .

Where can I find nutrition labels for your products?

Nutrition labels are not available for mason jar cakes, mini sour cream pound cakes, cookies, and brownies at this time. However, the process has been started to obtain nutrition labels for all products available for shipping nationwide. In the meantime, you can find an ingredient list at each flavor profile when you visit my Etsy Shop. NOW AVAILABLE: See detailed ingredient statements for cookies here.

According to the guidance of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), nutrition labels are not required until a small business (or business selling your products) reaches a certain threshold of annual food sales, annual gross sales, annual product volume, and/or employs a particular number of FTEs (full-time equivalent employees). For more information on this subject you may view the Small Business Nutrition Labeling Exemption Guidance here.

Custom, Large Event, & Corporate Orders

Do you only design buttercream cakes?​

I no longer create cakes covered in fondant, nor do I make edible flowers from gumpaste anymore. However, if some simple design elements will benefit from the use of fondant or gumpaste, I will make adjustments to the design accordingly.

Do you deliver?

Yes! I will deliver orders of $200 or more in the Fort Wayne, IN area at no additional cost. All other orders must be retrieved from the designated pick-up location in your area. I will provide pick-up details upon receipt of the order.

How far in advance do I need to order?

For custom, large event, and corporate orders, please try to order at least 4 weeks to 6 months in advance. Last minute orders needed within 7-14 days of contact will be considered based upon orders previously scheduled for the date requested.

How will I know if my order is confirmed?

For custom, large event, and corporate orders, please wait for communication to confirm that I am available to complete your order on the date requested. 

Can I bring payment when I pick up the order/when the order is delivered?

For custom, large event, and corporate orders, please be mindful that orders are not booked on the calendar until full payment is made.

  • For orders over $250, a non-refundable 25% or min. $100 deposit will reserve your date, but full payment must be settled at least 4 weeks prior to the date needed.

How late can I cancel an order?

All custom, large event, and corporate orders should be canceled no later than 4 weeks in advance. In the case of a cancelation, your deposit will be forfeited. 


All other orders are non-refundable and will be fulfilled as purchased through the Shop.

I/We may not eat all of the cake/desserts right away. How can I keep them fresh until we're ready to enjoy them?  

If custom celebration cakes or desserts will not be enjoyed the day of pickup/delivery, I recommend placing the cake/desserts in the cooler until at least a couple hours before serving. Leftover cake can remain at room temperature for up to 3 days for the optimal buttercream experience. However, if the cake is garnished with fresh fruit, do keep the cake covered in the fridge, away from odors, until you are ready to consume.

Note: Preservatives are not used in any product of Tameka's Cakes & Desserts. 

Do you loan out cake stands to your customers?​

Yes. Cake, cupcake, and multi-tiered dessert stands are available for a fee, with a refundable deposit. Rentals should be returned within 72 hours after the event.

Additional Info

Do your products accommodate food allergies?​

Tameka's Cakes & Desserts prepares traditional bakery products. Therefore, recipes are not adjusted to meet the needs of sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, fat-free, vegetarian or vegan diets. Some products may also contain plant based oils, tree nuts, and soy based on ingredients used to produce the item. 

For buttercream and/or nut allergies, please inquire about the products which may be assembled to exclude these ingredients. However, all items could contain traces of nut/nut products and dairy, along with wheat/gluten products, soy products, eggs, and other ingredients that are a potential risk to a person with food allergies. Please be aware that based on preparing a large product mix, cross contamination may occur between ingredients. Tameka's Cakes & Desserts shall not be held responsible for any allergies to customers and their guests.

How can you be reached?​

Have more questions? Please submit inquiries through the Contact page and I will respond appropriately. 

Shipping Nationwide Temporarily Suspended


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