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Cake slice fridays

Cake Slice Fridays:
How to Participate

1. CSF is typically held every two weeks. Sign-up for email notifications at and follow at social media (Instagram & Facebook @tamekascakes) to know what's coming next.

2. Must pre-order. Preorders open on Tuesdays at least one week prior to the Cake Slice Friday event. There will be a post and email announcement. 

3. Ten or more flavors will be offered for each event. As the slices sell, sold-out flavors may be removed from the list. You can always read the product description/details to see what was offered. If a flavor is not listed, it is not available.

4. Give a specific time between 1pm - 5pm when you'd like to pick up your order. Please be mindful that many customers choose 1pm.

5. If you'd like to change your pick-up time, please do not send a message via DM on social media. Send an email to, preferably as a reply to your confirmation email. (Check your spam folder if you did not receive one.) You can also call the cake shop at 260-387-5226 the day of pick-up. We are unable to respond to emails during prep and the event. Your email and DM will be missed.

6. For pick-up, please be mindful of the name you placed on your order to make the pick up process smooth for both sides.

7. Please remember to pick up your order on Friday between 1pm - 5pm. We will make one courtesy call near the close of the evening as reminders for early pick-ups still in-store. If we do not receive a return call, the slice(s) will be held in the refrigerator until Monday...but we will not make another call to coordinate a pick up time for Saturday or Monday. We must hear from you.

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